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Welcome to My Blog!

Helllloooooo! Yes I'm going to start blogging. I've been thinking about ways to connect with my fans so they can get to know me better for a while now. I was thinking about doing it through my Instagram, but I quickly realized what I have to say is way too long for an instagram caption as I'm expert at overthinking (something I hope to tone down). As soon as I start typing stuff about me and my experiences, I'm next to writing a book. Holding up a phone and talking to it has proved really awkward for me. Idk. It's weird. 

So now that your here, what can you expect from my blog? I'll be sharing thoughts on my journey, struggles, my humanness, maybe any poems from time to time, my personal photography and vlogs, if this thing allows me to. I'm definitely going to try to commit to it weekly or every two weeks considering I have a lot of content, I'm secretly a cat...I've had about 9 lives in my young life lol. I literally just thought about this, this morning. So I hope your excited as I am to be sharing myself more with the world. This will be a journey in itself. Feel free to comment, discuss or ask questions. I love good meaningful convos, so I'm down.

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